Meet us

Eero Naaber

Eero is passionate on everything what concerns maritime. He is an ex-seafarer and has as well acquired practical experience in project management, crewing, technical surveys, audits, ship finance, shipping regulations and ICT. This collection of knowledge enables him to take a helicopter look at the maritime business processes and dwell deep into details as well. Such knowledge in maritime affairs makes him very well positioned to understand the customers' needs and to lead the project team towards the goals set by the customer.

Riina Palu

Riina is an experienced business development professional with a demonstrated history of working in the global business environment including professional services sector. She is skilled in business planning, entrepreneurship, international relations, governmental relations, management, and strategic planning. She has managed the financing of the major port infrastructure projects and maritime innovation projects related to top global names of the sector. Her strengths lay in strong communication with partners and precise focus on setting plans and negotiating goals and budgets within the circle of key players of the industry and with the public sector stakeholders.