E.N. Shipping Services is acting as a dedicated agent in Estonia for one of the biggest crewing companies in the world Marlow Navigation. All ranks are welcome to apply for jobs at sea. Please see the application procedure here.

Summary of the Marlow Navigation:

  • over 1000 vessels under crew management of all cargo vessel types, incl. offshore
  • approximately 14 000 seafarers on board
  • 40 years in crew management business
  • 81% of crew retention rates on 2021 showing the seafarers’ satisfaction to MN services

See the full MN introduction here

Benefits for the seafarer:

  • huge fleet offers possibilities to get the placement according to your preferences: vessel age, type, sailing area, joining dates etc.
  • speedy crew placement
  • CrewCompanion app provides you an instant access to certification, flight details, contract, payroll and allotments etc.
  • continuous training and company’s support in your career advancement

Application procedure:

  1. Fill in the Seafarer Application Form*
  2. Take a picture of your national Seafarer’s Discharge Book and Passport
  3. Send the image of your Seafarer’s Discharge Book, Passport and filled in and signed application form to crew(at)
  4. Successful applicants will be contacted in order of applicant’s availability

*Please always fill in the MN Seafarer Application Form as this is required for the GDPR purposes. Other forms or CV-s cannot be accepted. Please make sure that all relevant fields are signed.

In case of enquiries, please call to:
Eero Naaber
+372 5174771